About me

Hi! My name is Michael Zonneveld and I'm a proficient and dynamic developer with a proven track record in software development, IT support, and technical assistance. With a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of information technology, I have demonstrated exceptional skills in developing and maintaining applications across a broad spectrum of tools and technologies. My knowledge spans MySQL, SCSS, Next.js, HTML5, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, React.js, PHP, Laravel, and Git.

My career began in customer service and sales, where I started to gain interest in communication, systems and learned the importance of customer-oriented service. Transitioning into the IT sector, I gained significant experience as a Student Assistant IT in Education at the University of Amsterdam, providing technical advice and support for educational systems. This role highlighted my ability to simplify complex technical information, making it accessible to a non-technical audience.

As a Support Engineer at De Correspondent, I demonstrated my problem-solving capabilities and technical proficiency, implementing an inventory system that enhanced the company's operational efficiency. My role as a Full Stack Developer at Piggy further solidified my programming skills, where I contributed to various projects, delivering high-quality, bug-free work that met and exceeded design expectations.

My academic background includes a Master of Science in Information Studies: Information Systems from the University of Amsterdam, where I conducted research on Twitter data analysis to improve public engagement, and a Bachelor of Science in Communication Science, focusing on media populism and content analysis using Python. These experiences have equipped me with a deep understanding of data processing, content analysis, and the intersection between technology and communication.

I am eager to leverage my technical skills and passion for software development to contribute to meaningful projects. I'm enthusiastic about tackling new challenges and have a desire to work in environments that value innovation, teamwork, and a structured approach to problem-solving, making me a valuable asset to any team.

My Services

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